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Terms of Business
General Terms of Business

1. The registered contracting authority is liable for the payment of all analyzes performed using the customer number and his password.

2. The indicated fees and volume discounts apply for the evaluations.

3. The analyzes do not constitute any binding statements about future job performance or behavior of the test subjects. The reports serve as a basis for further observations by the contracting authority.

4. The analyzes are always carried out anonymously. Thus, the protection of personal data is fully granted.

5. In the case of dispute, the jurisdiction is Stuttgart, Germany.

Terms of business


P-Test Personality Analysis
100,00 €
F-Test Leadership Test
75,00 €
IQ-Test Intelligence Test
75,00 €
E-Test Efficiency Test
75,00 €
M-Test Aptitude Test
75,00 €
T-Test Temperament Test
75,00 €

19% VAT not included.

Terms of business
Volume discounts

Volume discounts:

  Evaluations per year
0 %
  Evaluations per year
10 %
  Evaluations per year
20 %
  Evaluations per year
30 %
  Evaluations per year
40 %
over 200
  Evaluations per year
50 %
Packages agreements on request.

The discounts must be applied for and are granted for a period of 12 months. If the required amount falls below in this period, then the difference has to be paid.
I have read the terms of business and agree to them.